About us


This is a non-profit charitable organization striving to rescue and
change the present and future ways of living for orphans and
vulnerable children through;

  • Feeding
  • Sheltering
  • Clothing
  • Education
  • Medical care
    Breaking the cycle of poverty through education.

    When I first taught in a primary school around the Bwindi Gorilla
    National park, many of the children would come to school with an empty stomach, no books, no pencils/pens, no uniform and such
    children would frequently be sent home due to the lack of school
  1. To rescue and support orphan and vulnerable children’s
    education, sheltering of the homeless, clothing, medical care
    and feeding.
  2. To establish a children’s education center where the less
    fortunate children can get free education.
  3. To end the exploitation of girls and the practice of child marriage,
    child labor and all forms of child mistreatment.
    Advocacy for children
    Turning today’s sad life of an orphan and vulnerable children into a
    happy future.
    Support the orphanage sustainable projects
    We kindly request for support towards this sustainable and
    nutrition projects of chicken rearing, piggery, vegetable growing and
    mushroom growing.
    Support our programs
    Donate towards any of our programs and bring lasting impacts to
    the vulnerable children
    Choose to sponsor a child’s education, buy a book, clothes,
    mattress, sanitary items, meals e.t.c.
    Volunteer with us
    we welcome volunteers at the orphanage who may conduct any of
    these activities, teach a song, coach a sport, work on the poultry
    farm, vegetable garden, care for a child, plant a tree or train
    Key challenges
  4. Lack of enough land for school establishment
  5. Lack of transport means for children who walk long distances
  6. Lack of descent accommodation
  7. Lack of school fees for children
  8. Limited funds
  9. Health and diseases
  10. Food and clothes
    Postal address
    Bwindi Vulnerable and Orphan Children Support Project
    P.O. Box 189, Kanungu-Uganda
    Email: rescue55orphans@gmail.com
    WhatsApp: +256 775022521
    Facebook: Bwindi Vulnerable and Orphan Children Support Project
    How to donate
    Bank Account
    We also have a Go Fund Me Facebook Fundraiser
    You can also donate through Sahaya International (The US based
    Organization which is tax deductible)
    The orphanage is registered with the Ugandan government under
    REG NO: 1886/20

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